Mumbler in the Media

We’re incredibly fortunate at Mumbler that we constantly get great coverage in the media. We’re always available to give interviews & provide local stories for national, regional & local press. Either contact us via your local Mumbler website or contact founder Sally here.


Mumbler Founder Sally Haslewood interviewed by Ros Jones for her Podcast series Bold Business Bits.

Here Sally gives her full backstory, explains how & why she franchised her business. Sally covers the details about what she’s looking for in the “perfect” franchisee and how she copes when things don’t always go to plan!



The Your Harrogate Podcast, by Nick Handcock. 

In this episode Nick interviews Sally in the middle of a pandemic to find out how Mumbler has been coping with the current situation, what it’s like in Harrogate during lockdown.



Holly & Co “Conversations of Inspiration” Podcast 9th March 2020.

Sally won a “pitching” competition to win an ad break for Mumbler on Holly & Co’s hugely successful “Conversations of Inspiration” podcast. The main interview for the episode was with activist, journalist & author Caroline Criado-Perez OBE. Fast forward to 19 minutes in to hear Sally’s winning pitch!




Sally was lucky enough to be invited onto the Channel 4 programme “Stephs Packed Lunch” in January 2021, to talk about Dyslexia. Sally’s youngest daughter Eva has dyslexia, and both Sally & Eva were able to discuss the effects of Dyslexia on their life and how it is actually a super power!

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