Looking Forward to the Mumbler Annual Conference 2019

We are looking forward to holding our 4th annual Mumbler conference. Each year we bring our Mumbler Franchisees together for a conference. The purpose of the day is to allow the franchisees to catch up with each other, share best practice and to hear from subject matter experts.

The conference for 2019 is to be held in central York on Friday 11th October 2019 and all Mumbler franchisees are invited to attend. The final timetable for the day has not yet been finalised however we are delighted to be welcoming guest speaker Audrie Woodhouse from honestlyspeaking.co.uk. Audrie is an expert voice, presentation and personal development coach.

The Mumbler conference is not like any other conference- we know that fitting in “official” work commitments around family life can be a challenge so we cram our conference day into as short a time as possible (so that you can be home for bedtime!) and we are more than happy for our franchises to bring their babies with them (we’re all parents and we love a cuddle!)

Guest speakers in previous years have included:





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