Welcome to Georgina Fraser, Mumbler HQ Business Development & Partnerships

Georgina spent 7 years in London working in digital marketing before re-locating back to Harrogate in 2014. She lives with her 2 little girls Etta and Maggie, a Bernese Mountain Dog called Pixie and husband James who is slowly getting used to a house overrun by females.
Her previous work in digital marketing involved helping large organisations understand how they could better employ digital to further their external and internal KPIs. The role involved spending a year living in Kuala Lumpur looking after their APAC media clients.
Whilst tackling the complex world of being a new parent, she discovered Mumbler and used it religiously to establish a routine of well-regarded classes and activities for her children. From here, she then came to work for Mumbler to assist in establishing new partnerships across all our franchises.  Georgina joined Mumbler in October 2019.

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