Coronavirus has given Mumbler a kicking, but we’ve never been busier!

As with many, many businesses out there, Covid has given Mumbler a right kicking!  A large percentage of our revenue stream come from visitor attractions as well as kids classes & groups. Across the whole company revenue took a nosedive, as many of our loyal customers were forced to close or cut costs and so cancelled their advertising or pared back significantly.

We knew that we could support our customers & we could help them talk to local parents even under these new & bizarre circumstances. We did everything we could to support our customers and our local communities and we will continue to do so.

As our lives changed, as a company Mumbler adapted & so we changed our websites. Instead of days-out, classes & activities we pivoted & began sharing information about local home deliveries, local walks & “safe” activities. We continued to help bring communities together virtually & we gave parents plenty of ideas & inspiration to help keep kids busy & engaged whilst at home.

Revenues are (slowly) coming back. We are grateful to every single one of our customers who have come back & are using Mumbler to engage with local parents. We continue to expand our offering & make sure that we are providing local families with the information & resources that they need.

Mumbler has never been more in-demand. In July 2020 we had our busiest month in our history with over 208,000 visits to our websites. August 2020 was even bigger with a record breaking 256,000 people visiting a Mumbler website. We have enjoyed running national Mumbler campaigns for some incredibly well known & respected brands over the summer including: Joe Browns,  The Week Junior Magazine & Fitflop. 

The last few months have been unbelievably tough, but I couldn’t be prouder of my HQ team & every one of my franchisees.

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