Customer reviews for Mumbler from Car Shades

Please excuse the brag, but whilst we know that Mumbler is a wonderful route to market, we still get an unbelievable “warm & fuzzy” feeling when our customers take time out of their busy days to send feedback like this!

Car Shades are a repeat client, who have run campaigns across multiple Mumbler websites. They offer custom fit, award-winning car shades for all makes of car. They offered a specific Mumbler discount “10% off with code MUMBLER10″ which allowed them to accurately monitor & track all sales that came via Mumbler.

Mumbler used a variety of ways to promote Car Shades, including banner adverts, blog content and even a trip to the Car Shades factory.

It’s campaigns like this that we love at Mumbler. We have helped hundreds of local parents ensure that their kids are protected from the sun and are cool in the car and in turn, helped a reputable business gain many new happy customers.

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